Global Partner

Condeco Software

Condeco pioneers workplace technology solutions for the world’s most competitive organisations.

We unite insight with exceptional design and easy-to-use software and hardware, transforming workplaces more efficiently. By taking the time to understand each business and challenge individually, we help our clients shape a more sustainable and efficient future for their organisation; benefitting from connected technology solutions that help people work more productively in markets around the world.

Leaders in workspace management

Condeco provides the insight and technology organisations across the globe need to adapt quickly, with the products to transform workplaces and work-life capabilities. Condeco have invested the time into understanding individual business needs and challenge, so clients have the tools and knowledge to shape a more sustainable and efficient future for their enterprise. Research and design are key to this agile environment and in understanding:

  • Activity-based working
  • Mobile-centric environments
  • Improved connectivity and collaboration

The suite of solutions Condeco offer focuses on integrated meeting room and workspace management software, digital signage and workspace utilisation technologies.